Kohli's Indian Restaurant

When Kohli’s Indian Restaurant first opened in the Bay, it immediately became the talk of the town for locals and visitors.  Excited customers queued in anticipation of the authentic flavours, tastes, smells and sounds of this high quality restaurant.

Specialising in North Indian cuisine, Kohli’s has built on the initial excitement, to become the finest Indian restaurant on the South Coast, and the recipient of several awards to add to its good reputation.

To enter Kohli’s is to enter a tastefully decorated, welcoming, and minimalist presentation of modern Indian-inspired décor. Beautiful earthy photos of famous timeless kamasutra statues are on the walls, and here and there are screens and other fine touches to remind us that we are enjoying a small slice of India.

Sensual aromas of glorious spice mixes fill your head, and in the background is the most beautiful music…. you never want to leave!

And then the food!…   Specialising in Tandoori and Curry, Kohli’s kitchen also provides options for kids, and of course has a mouth-watering selection of vegetarian delights, with Dal variations, Malai Kofta to name a few.  Just reading the menu of selections from the curry kitchen is an adventure, it’s so delectable…. all heats and blends are made, and many possibilities for lamb, fish, chicken and others are expertly cooked for both the delicate and adventurous palate.  Just thinking about the garnishes stimulates the taste buds.

As well as restaurant dining, Kohli’s offers banquet, special lunches and take away boxes, together with special dinner packs.   They cater for all, from intimate diners, to larger groups.  Reward your taste buds!

Kohli’s Indian Restaurant

SHOP 2/11 Beach Road, Batemans Bay  NSW  2536

Managers: Gagan and Babs

T: 02 4472 2002
F/T: 02 4472 8860

W: www.kohlis.com.au
Facebook: Kohli’s Indian Restaurant

Lunch Tue – Fri 12 – 2.30pm
Dinner open 7 nights – 5 to 10 pm
BYO and Takeaway services

Kohli's Indian Restaurant